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Thrills and puzzles

The good weather is here – do you want to take on a challenge with friends? How about a shot of adrenaline up in the air at Natura Parc? How about challenging each other with sensational jet-skiing tricks? How about being a speed king at Karting des Fagnes, or even the best detective in Chimay?

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  1. 1 Jet ski

    Glide at Club de Jet Ski O2R!

    At Club de Jet Ski O2R at the Eau d’Heure lakes, you can cool off while enjoying sport when the weather is good. Beginners can try to balance. More experienced skiers can try tricks and jumps. The reward? A good dose of adrenaline and a view of the lakes!
  2. 2 Natura Parc

    Overcome your fear at Natura Parc!

    Take to the skies and embark on a dizzying experience with your friends at Natura Parc, located at the Eau d’Heure lakes, with their tree-top adventure courses, zip lines and pendulum jumps. Electric scooters and bikes are also available for hire.
  3. 3 Secret de Chimay

    Solve the 'Secret of Chimay'!

    A belt with pockets sealed with padlocks, a map, accessories, etc. With the 'Secret of Chimay' adventure game, you can discover Chimay, its history, its traditions and its different areas. Solve the puzzles with friends while walking around the streets of this charming town.
  4. 4 Karting des Fagnes

    Be a speed king at Karting des Fagnes

    Put your helmet on, take note of the turns, accelerate and become the best driver possible at Karting des Fagnes, a circuit recognised around the world. You’ll retrace the driving lines of Formula 1 drivers such as Hamilton, Alonso, Button, Kovalainen or even Raïkkonen.


Enjoy the beautiful and friendly shaded terrace of the Fagnes brewery with friends, while enjoying their delicious regional speciality – the 'Fagnes crust' – with a glass of Fagnes beer.  

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