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Instagrammable city centre tour

Street art, industrial wastelands, slag heaps... Charleroi is the place for fans of offbeat photos and other urban explorers.
Here are a few must-see spots.

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  1. 1 Street Art

    Street Art discoveries

    Monumental frescoes, graffiti, tags, amazing installations... Charleroi city centre is a real open-air museum, offering shots you might not have attempted before. Set off on a highly colourful stroll!
  2. 2 prom insta

    Balade Instagrammable city centre walking tour

    Charleroi like you've never seen it before. Liven up your Instagram feed with lovely views of must-see sites and great places to eat selected by a local blogger.
  3. 3 Porte Ouest

    Porte Ouest overhead metro tour - Street Art

    Starting from Charleroi South metro station, this unique tour takes you to the very heart of an extraordinary industrial heritage, an experience made all the more special by the world of street art. Return on foot to Charleroi via the towpath, the RAVeL network of greenways, leading straight to Charleroi South Station.
  4. 4 BPS22

    Visit to the BPS22 Contemporary Art Museum

    Discover the BPS22, Hainaut Province Art Museum, and its contemporary works by international artists. Its 12-m-high hall topped by a glass roof is a reminder of the 1911 industrial exhibition.

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