Our days out

Forests and backpacking

Grab your friends and enjoy our nature in its unspoilt state in our beautiful Calestienne region, with its hilly and luxuriant landscapes, our famous Pays de Chimay forest, dotted with bodies of water and home to diverse flora and fauna… That’s not to mention our unique Neptune Caves, our walks/opportunities to collect wild plants, etc.

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  1. 1 La Calestienne

    The Calestienne region and its exceptional natural sites

    You’ll get a real visual treat if you follow the Roche aux Faucons marked trail! The impressive flora and fauna of the Viroin-Hermeton nature park, the Fondry des Chiens and its impressive 20-metre chasm, the unspoilt and hilly landscapes, etc.
  2. 2 Grottes de Neptune

    The underground world of the Neptune Caves

    Explore the Neptune Caves, one of the oldest underground caves in Belgium, with friends and discover an unusual and magical world. Thrills are guaranteed with the sound and light show and an impressive view of the Eau Noire river with the discovery trail.
  3. AS 20210825 Raphael Demoulin 0020

    Nature on your plate

    Do you want to take part in a wild-picking workshop and get closer to nature? Set off on a walk and learn the properties of the wild plants with Raphaël Demoulin, a herbalist and nature guide. Finish by preparing and tasting your wild treasures ;-)
  4. 4 Aquascope

    Fauna and flora at Aquascope

    Discover abundant unspoilt nature at Aquascope Virelles. You're sure to be dazzled by this charming aquatic world with its variety of bird species. With a little luck and patience, perhaps you will see one of our beautiful white storks.


For the more adventurous, dare to trek through the heart of nature on the Grande Traversée trail in the Pays de Chimay Forest and spend the night under the stars in one of our bivouac shelters.

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