Mountain biking trails


Whether solo or in a group, for relaxation or adrenalin and competition, there's something for everyone! Our itineraries appeal to travellers with their steep ascents, descents and sudden alleys and the comfort of the tarmac and conventional trails. A charming blend of sports, performance and nature. To make the most of your circuit, get a well-ventilated helmet and cycling goggles.

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    Peaceful or sporty circuits

    Our mountain biking trails combine performance, nature and heritage, between rivers, lakes, forests, countryside and villages. Choose an authentic sports adventure through charming and diverse landscapes!

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Traveller's charter

  • Only use the paths provided.

  • Respect other users and the serenity of the forest.

  • Keep your pet on a leash.

  • Respect the flora and fauna.

  • Respect signs on prohibitions and hunting barriers and closures.

  • Use a bivouac area to spend the night in the forest.

For more information, read the ‘Protect the Forest’ charter online.