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On the outskirts of Bois de Senzeille forest

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On the outskirts of Bois de Senzeille forest


After passing the Cerfontaine aerodrome, you enter the lush Bois de Senzeille forest. A special ambience hangs over the former railway line, along with a range of picture-perfect landscapes. Pass through the former Beauchâteau quarry, a gem of Walloon heritage. Red marble was extracted here until 1950. This site has been classified as a site of ‘Major Biological Interest’ since 1992 and is beloved by hikers, divers and climbers thanks to its unique geological and biological features. After Neuville, you cross the bridge over the N5 on Rue de l’Arbalète. Finally, you end your journey at the streams in Hermeton Valley, which is named after a tributary of the Meuse, by passing through the charming villages of Samart and Sautour.  

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Length of route 19.5km

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :