Our days out

Donkeys and walks

Ready for a good time? Let your children drive one of our charming electric boats at Aulne Abbey. Experience feelings from another time aboard an old steam locomotive in Thuin. Play detective in Walcourt, or even meet our donkeys.

0 Anes Co
  1. 1 Anes Co

    Little rider at Ânes & Co

    Head out with a donkey and walk at its pace to discover the beauty of nature and the hilly landscapes of the Eau d'Heure lakes region. In addition to the walks, the owners of Ânes & Co let you brush the animal, harness it, check its hooves, etc.
  2. 2 Totemus Walcourt

    Treasure hunt

    Midway between an adventure game and geocaching, this fun Totemus treasure hunt in the charming city of Walcourt is a fun and educational experience. Move from one tourist attraction to another, solve puzzles and collect the Totems!
  3. 3 Café Leblon

    Electric boat tour

    Board one of the electric boats at Café Leblon close to the lovely Aulne Abbey. Put on your life jacket, listen to the instructor’s guidelines and off you go for a relaxing and picturesque trip along the water with family in the stretch connecting Aulne Abbey and Landelies.
  4. 4 Musée du tram

    Aboard the Thuin local tram

    Choose a trip on a steam locomotive at the Thuin local tram museum to discover the hilly landscapes of the Sambre. The steam, the whistle, the choo-choo, the wooden benches, the smell of the coal… All the ingredients are there to entertain and surprise your little ones!


Enjoy the warm, beautiful terrace at the Grange des Belges at the heart of the magnificent Biercée Distillery, with its gourmet cuisine and wide range of alcoholic beverages, which are distilled on-site.

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