Our days out

In the footsteps of Napoleon

The Emperor's visit to the area has left its mark on Charleroi's history.
During his 1815 campaign, Napoleon travelled through Wallonia, and, more particularly, the Charleroi metropolitan area, with his journey culminating in his final battle.
Spend a day following in the footsteps of his journey through our part of the world.

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  1. 394 A8067

    Visit to Napoleon's room

    Filled with surprises and the unexpected, the historical Château de la Paix in Fleurus is associated with Napoleon's final campaign on Belgian soil in 1815. Discover the room where Napoleon stayed, a reconstruction complemented by an epoch-evoking scenic design, ...
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    Visit to the Ligny 1815 Museum

    Enjoy an immersive experience back in the time of Napoleon's Great Army. The Ligny 1815 Museum is a delight for all the senses with lots of objects to touch and lift: a fun-filled, interactive exploration of the historical background for children and adults alike.
  3. 394 A2536

    A relaxing experience in Leisure Forest

    An ideal spot for family relaxation, the 44-ha Leisure Forest features signposted routes for hiking and mountain bike enthusiasts to discover. The edge of the forest boasts a recreational area, complete with a playground, which has now become a popular spot for picnics and barbecues.

Enjoy a break at "La Grange 1815" brewery/restaurant adjacent to the Ligny Museum

"La Grange 1815" is housed in the barn of this former 17th century farmhouse, which served as an "infirmary" on the night of the Battle of Ligny. This pleasantly authentic setting offers family-friendly French cuisine in a friendly atmosphere.

Ligny 1815 Museum
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