Circuit de Goderan


A very picturesque walk to Lobbes and Hourpes through their countrysides, their wood and their tow paths. Entities that are as historic as they are charming. Listed as a site in 1990, the Tourette wood mill still has its turbine, as well as many farming outbuildings. The Portelette, the gate to the old abbey of Lobbes, is unique with its meticulous Baroque details. Enjoy a culinary visit to the honey museum with the fascinating world of bees and the techniques and traditions of bee-keeping, glass hives, etc. The hamlet of Hourpes, a key location for the metallurgy industry in the 17th century, is worth a detour with its astonishing château and workers’ houses. 

Walk info

Mountain biking

Length of route 17.6km

Walk duration 4h30

Difficulty : Easy

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