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Promenade de Marbaix-la-Tour

Promenade de Marbaix-la-Tour


This walk begins at the foot of the Saint Christopher’s Church in Marbaix. The folkloric march of Marbaix is held in this agricultural village each year. It is known for its ‘Marie Dandouille’ dance. Located on the historic route taken by Napoleon, the Three Trees Chapel, which dates to the 19th century, is where the emperor saw his army marching towards Charleroi on 15 June 1815. The walk primarily passes through fields. At the end of the route, La Pasture Castle was once home to a makeshift hospital in 1914. Today, a red cross is visible on the wall of the estate, which attests to the building’s former use as a military hospital.

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 7.5km

Walk duration 2h30

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :

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