Big Crossing in the Pays de Chimay Forest



Whether for one day or a long weekend, this 235-kilometre, long-distance hiking trail entices travellers with the wide variety of landscapes that it covers: bucolic villages, wooded countryside with meadows and valleys, limestone soils with exceptional biodiversity, ponds, lakes, rivers and more. If you feel like it, spend a night in a bivouac under the stars on a nature adventure!


Immersion in the forest

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Download our map

Download our map

  • Vignette 1

    Bright and lush vegetation

    The extensive forest offers complete tranquillity between its abundant vegetation and a string of ponds and pools. The town of Chimay dazzles with its heritage and culinary gems.

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  • Vignette 2

    Between wooded countryside and quarries

    The charming little villages of Sivry, Rance and Sautin, which stretch across wooded countryside and forested landscapes, boast beautiful agricultural areas, ponds and former quarries.

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  • Vignette 3

    Impressive flora and fauna

    The Virelles pond dazzles with its rich biodiversity and its birds, including a couple of storks that can be observed in the wild. Lompret offers beautiful heritage with its remarkable trees.

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  • Vignette 4

    Natural environments with marked reliefs

    The Fondry des Chiens nature reserve offers an unusual spectacle with its natural chasm, which is twenty metres deep and has incredible biodiversity. The Viroin valley and its grassy clearings are captivating.

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  • Vignette 5

    Villages steeped in history

    The village of Dourbes, which is overlooked by the ruins of the Château de Haute Roche, enchants travellers with its picturesque tranquillity. The villages of Philippeville abound with picture-perfect landscapes.

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  • Vignette 6

    Villages with undeniable charm

    In the Hermeton valley, rural and forested paths offer beautiful shaded areas. In Soulme, you'll be excited by the authentic charm of the traditional buildings.

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  • VIC09231

    The beauty of woodland landscapes

    Pass by beautiful bodies of water in Couvin, creating a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere. Be amazed by the magical colours of the woodland landscapes !

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