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Promenade circulaire de l'Ermitage

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Promenade circulaire de l'Ermitage


Starting from the Chemin des Quinze Pieds car park, the Promenade de l’Ermitage leads you to the heart of the Rance national forest. It primarily comprises oak trees, hornbeams, beech trees, cherry trees, maple trees and ash trees. Some resinous varieties have been planted along the trails. The entire area has economic, ecological and social functions. The entire forest is ‘Natura 2000’-listed, a sign of significant biological quality, and PEFC-certified, which guarantees sustainable management. The route follows wooded trails, but you will briefly follow plains and see the Ermitage farmhouse in the background. When the weather is fine, you can make out the tower of the Eau d’Heure dams in the distance on your right.

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 4.8km

Walk duration 1h15

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :

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