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Promenade d'Hernoy - chemin de fer

Promenade d'Hernoy - chemin de fer


Depart from the former train station on the outskirts of Sivry-Rance and discover part of the history of Froidchapelle and the hidden corners of Bois d’Hernoy forest, an ideal location for peace and tranquillity. The route is punctuated with remarkable trees and ponds, including the Notre-Dame de Lumière oak tree, which is known for its hanging virgin and beneficial properties for visual impairments. You follow the RAVeL trail, a former railway line, for a while and cross Rau d’Hernoy. In the midst of scarcely used roads and forest paths, you will also see the former quarry in Roc, which is famous for its beautiful pink marble (known as Rance marble). En route, you pass the home of a marble worker built from pink marble in 1910. 

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 5km

Walk duration 1h15

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :