Promenade du Ry d'Hernoy


The itinerary starts at Place de Rance and the museum dedicated to the history of marble and the exploitation of red marble from Rance. The route takes you to iconic locations in the village: sometimes through woods, sometimes near water or ponds on the borders of the forest. The route takes you to the former quarries where the famed Rance marble was once extracted: ‘Carrière à Roc’, ‘Carrière de la Marzelle’ and ‘Carrière Fosset’. The house of a former marble worker, which adjoins ‘Carrière à Roc’, dates to 1910 and showcases red Rance marble that is striped with grey veins and white and blueish spots.

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 10km

Walk duration 2h30

Difficulty : Medium

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