Brasserie des Eaux Vives


Located in the small village of Romerée in Doische, the Eaux Vives brewery sells 100% pure malt beer, brewed without added spices, sugars or other additives. They are enhanced by a hop from a few kilometres above the brewery which give them an authentic local flavour. There is the prized lager ‘Dame Bibiche’. Not to mention the surprising dark beer ‘Monsieur Mouche’, which is neither heavy nor sweet, its spices giving it light and refreshing notes. A feeling of freshness, lovely thick foam and fruity and floral nose herald a promising flavour finishing with a wonderful refreshing bitterness.

Opening hours

All year round, the 1st Friday of the month : from 15:00 to 19:00 or on appointement

Services & facilities

  • On-site shop


  • Disabled access