Bornes Frontières


This cross-border walk, which is quite hilly at first, takes you by the hamlet of Mohain: where the Meuse and Viroin meet. This hamlet reveals its most secret landscapes, as well as its small Collegial church founded in the year 752 by Lady Ada. The border markers along the villages of Mazée and Vireux-Mohain mark the divide between the Principality of Liège and France. In the village of Mazée, at no. 17 Rue Arthur Masson, is the family home of Arthur Masson. This is where the author partly wrote his first novel, ‘Toine, obèse ardennais’. This is recalled by a commemorative plaque hung on the façade.

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 8km

Walk duration 2h

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :

Services & facilities

  • Children’s play area
  • Picnic area
  • Parking
  • Orientation table