Beer and Cheese Route

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Our beer and cheese route is 294 kilometres long and connected to the north of France. It reveals an astonishing region. Above all, don’t miss our famous Chimay Trappist beers and cheeses! Not to mention our other producers: the Eaux Vives and Fagnes breweries, the Queuwys farm, etc. Our ‘Bienvenue Vélo’ accommodation offers services and facilities tailored to your needs.

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    Prestigious heritage and unusual beers

    The Saint Materne Basilica and the Philippeville underground are sure to captivate spectators. A refreshing and relaxing break at the picturesque Eaux Vives brewery.

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    Lush nature and local beers

    There’s wonderful biodiversity at the Viroin-Hermeton Nature Reserve and the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse National Park. Famous for its beautiful slate roofs, Couvin is also well-known for its Fagnes brewery.

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    Trappist beers and cheeses

    We can’t talk about out ‘beer and cheese’ route without mentioning Chimay and its famous Trappist beers and cheeses. The Pays de Chimay Forest dazzles with its lush and contrasting landscapes.

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    Contrasting local produce and landscapes

    Recharge your batteries in the Avesnois Regional Nature Reserve. Satisfaction is guaranteed for those who love local produce with their Maroilles cheese, or beers and alcohols from the Dreum brewery and distillery.

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    Between lakes and countryside

    Great recreational pleasures await at the ValJoly tourist resort and a cultural interlude at the MusVerre. Immerse yourself in the authentic little town of Sivry-Rance with its deciduous forests, meadows and lakes.

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    Water sports and local produce

    Look forward to a pleasant and restful setting at the Eau d’Heure lakes with their water sports and other recreational and sporting activities. There’s local and organic produce to try at the Silenrieux brewery or Queuwys farm.

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