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Beer and Cheese Route : Sivry - Walcourt

Beer and Cheese Route : Sivry - Walcourt


We start in Sivry-Rance, a charming little town with village streets, meadows, forests and lakes. Not to mention the many remnants of red marble mining. Walk along the RAVeL network through the Eau d’Heure lakes site, a real jewel of Walloon tourism thanks to its many water sports and other recreational and sporting activities. Nearby, the Silenrieux brewery offers beers brewed from spelt and buckwheat. On the heights of Froidchapelle, Queuwys farm sells tasty products made from certified organic raw haymilk: butter, fresh cheeses and hard cheeses. Enjoy a yoghurt or ice cream on the farm. 


Walk info

Bicycle tourism

Length of route 35km

Walk duration 6h

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :