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Beer and Cheese Route : Chimay - Fourmies (France)

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Beer and Cheese Route : Chimay - Fourmies (France)


Go via Scourmont Abbey, which was erected in 1850 and is known for its famous Trappist beer, which is still brewed there in total secrecy. You can taste Chimay Trappist cheeses and beers 300 metres away at the Auberge de Poteaupré. You’re sure to marvel at the brightness of the authentic Pays de Chimay Forest, which is mainly populated with deciduous trees and where water is everywhere. Momignies brings together games, bucolic heritage and stunning biodiversity. We then come to the north of France, with Thiérache brewery and its wooded landscapes, forests and many bodies of water, in the lush Avesnois Nature Reserve.  


Walk info

Bicycle tourism

Length of route 30.1km

Walk duration 6h

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :