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Beer and Cheese Route : Treignes - Chimay

Beer and Cheese Route : Treignes - Chimay


Bucolic and serene, crossed by the National Park: a real oasis of greenery with many landscapes and unspoilt nature. The various limestone buildings dating to the 18th and 19th centuries give the town of Couvin undeniable cachet. At the Fagnes brewery, relaxation is guaranteed on their expansive terrace, which boasts a magnificent view over the surrounding countryside. Taste regional beers, such as ‘la Fagnes’, or their culinary speciality, ‘Croûte des Fagnes’ or ‘Fagnes crust’. Above all, don’t miss the elegant Principality of Chimay and its magnificent castle, as well as its famous Trappist beers and cheeses in the Espace Chimay or one of our many breweries.   

Walk info

Bicycle tourism

Length of route 47.5km

Walk duration 6h

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :