The Chevauchée Trail in the Pays des Lacs region

6 Du Bois de Sautour aux portes de l Ardenne


Between wooded and rural areas made up of rivers and streams, and zones that are rich in biodiversity, explore the Pays des Lacs on horseback, alone or in a group, for between one and seven days. Memorable memories in the great outdoors are guaranteed! Accommodation and stops for horses punctuate this collection of routes, which spans more than 100,000 hectares.


The Chevauchée Trail in the Pays des Lacs region

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Activités liées

  • 1 Au fil des Lacs de l Eau d Heure

    Aquatic pleasures

    Fun is guaranteed beside the enticing Eau d'Heure Lakes, which are a real gem of the Walloon tourism industry thanks to their varied aquatic, recreational, sport and relaxation activities.

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  • 2 A la lisière de la Forêt de Senzeille

    A quarry in the heart of the forest

    Feel free to get lost in your imagination in the lush Senzeille forest. Pass through the former Beauchâteau quarry, a feather in the cap of Walloon heritage thanks to its unique geological and biological features.

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  • 3 La Vallée de l Hermeton

    Rural landscapes

    Take a relaxing ride around the Hermeton river to the pleasant little village of Sart-en-Fagne. The picturesque town of Romerée showcases the charm and serenity of its rural landscapes.

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  • 4 De la Fagne namuroise à Doische

    In the footsteps of our ancestors

    Enjoy an encounter with the flora and fauna in the Coupu Tienne nature reserve. Take a fun and educational step back in time in Treignes to recreate the activities of our ancestors.

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  • 7 Une histoire deau

    On the water

    Soak in an atmosphere of well-being along charming stretches of water, such as the Fond des Chénaux, the Nouée stream, the Fond de Noye nature reserve or the Grenadier ponds.

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  • 9 La Traversée de l Eau Noire

    At the heart of the Eau Noire Valley

    Admire an enchanting spectacle in the Eau Noire Valley, which combines the authenticity of an attractive rural heritage with a lush forest massif, exceptional landscapes and abundant wildlife.

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  • 11 En terres chimaciennes

    Heritage and visits

    Visit Chimay, with its princely city and majestic Caraman castle. Be amazed by nature at the Virelles pond, with its lush, rich vegetation and variety of birds.

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