La Bataille de Gozée


Learn more about the battle of 23 August 1914 from the information panels describing the burial of soldiers’ bodies in temporary pits and the creation of a French-German cemetery of which nothing now remains. On the Place de Gozée, admire the monument to the dead inaugurated on 10 August 1924. On the Charleroi-Beaumont road, contemplate the trapezoid Landenian sandstone Zeupir standing stone (menhir). It was erected in the 3rd millennium before the common era. Taste the produce of Pavé farm or try the ancestral remedies of La Follie farm. At the Couronne crossroads, you will learn about the battle of 23 August on Marbaix-la-Tour. 

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 6.3km

Walk duration 1h20

Difficulty : Easy

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