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Rustic blend of heritage and history

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Rustic blend of heritage and history


There’s an atmosphere of epic adventure at the Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes château and its museum of rural and artisanal life which was proud to accommodate the headquarters of the Australian troops in WWI. Along this node way, at the Château de la Pasture is a history of fierce battles with the tomb of Lieutenant Charles Cécile who yielded to the German artillery. Bucolic chapels, the little Eau d’Heure river and the Jamioulx nature reserve are imbued with poetic charm. 


Visit the crafts and rural life museum at the castle in Ham-sur-Heure Nalinnes; Follow in Napoleon’s footsteps from Marbaix-la-Tour and Jamioulx; Push your limits on the Hébert trails in Jamioulx; Discover the animals at the Ferme des Monts in Nalinnes and sample their dairy produce.


The burial site of Lieutenant Charles Cécile at the castle of La Pasture; the Nalinnes vineyard; the relic of Saint-Roch in the church of Ham-sur-Heure; the Nalinnes music kiosk.   

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Length of route 27.2km

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