Ferme des Queuwys


Overlooking Froidchapelle, Ferme des Queuwys is a dairy farm with a herd of Holstein cows. All our products are made using our raw milk without heat treatment. Processing is done in the workshop built in an old barn that meets European hygiene standards.

Their goal is to offer consumers healthy and natural produce with a distinctive local flavour. Dairy produce: semi-hard plain or spiced cheeses, plain or spiced fresh cheeses, cocktail balls, butter, crème fraîche, yoghurts, brined cheeses, cheese trays and raclette trays. There are also ice cream, eggs, jams, vinegars, beers, wines and gift baskets from other producers.

Opening hours

From 28 February to 04 March, from 04 tot 15 April, from 01 July to 28 August, from 24 October to 04 November and from 26 December to 06 January, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday : from 9:00 to 12:00 & from 13:00 to 17:00

18/04 - 01/05 - 26/05 - 06/06 - 27/09 - 11/11

Services & facilities

  • On-site shop