Centre de l'Europe des 15


On 7 June 1995, the geographical centre of the EU 15 was in Viroinval. It is located in the place named ‘du Trou du Diable’ (the Devil’s hole) which is an old slate quarry where a glass cathedral was built. A choice of two hikes will take you there. A long 15-km route or the variant that reduces the trail to 9 km. The circuit goes through the woods to a boundary ridge that dominates the French Meuse with its panorama over the river and the towns of Fumay and Haybes.  Old slate quarries, which was a flourishing industry until the dawn of the First World War, lie along the route. At the place named ‘Risque-Tout’ (Risk-it-All), you can reduce the hike to 9 km by taking the variant proposed to the right (green cross). 

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 15km

Walk duration 4h

Difficulty : Difficult

Signage :

Services & facilities

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