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BalFolk – Walloon music – Accordion workshops

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BalFolk – Walloon music – Accordion workshops


Pierre and Marinette Bonnert are part of a group of musicians who work with the diatonic accordion. The group ‘Folk à Donf’ brings together two to five musicians. The lively music is also suitable for dancing. They offer traditional and old regional musical ambience. They play at concerts or in the street. They also offer opportunities to meet up and have fun, with the assistance of a host and music accompanying the BalFolk dances. BalFolk offers a repertoire that makes it possible for everyone to learn dances quickly and take part in circle and line dancing and so on.

Average length of visit : 3h


From 400€

Opening hours

All year round on appointement

Ability to move to your home

Visit languages

  • German

  • French