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Napoleon route: Thuin-Jamioulx

Napoleon route: Thuin-Jamioulx


Experience the medieval atmosphere in Thuin, where General Prince Jérôme’s division battled the Prussians on the outskirts of the fortified city. Discover its appealing UNESCO-listed belfry and its hanging gardens. Head towards the charming village of Gozée, with its Marbiseul farmhouse and the church square in Marbaix, where Napoleon and his troops proudly marched towards the ‘Trois Arbres’. You will pass by Saint-Roch chapel, the Church of Saint Martin and the Castle of Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes. You arrive at the Church of Saint André in Jamioulx, where Napoleon promised to appoint the priest, Jean Nicolas Jénicot, as Bishop of Tournai if he won the battle! Fate decided otherwise. Behind the church, the former rectory houses the priest’s tomb. You can continue on to Charleroi, where Napoleon led the Battle of Ligny, or to Waterloo and its famous Lion’s Mound.

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Bicycle tourism

Length of route 13km

Walk duration 1h

Difficulty : Medium

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