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Loverval : à la découverte de l'art déco

Loverval : à la découverte de l'art déco


Loverval is, historically, a very old village hidden in the setting of its woods and its waters. A true green lung at the exit of the Carolégienne agglomeration, it is today an important residential center. The road from Charleroi to Philippeville cuts its territory into two parts at a North-South angle. To the east, the Vieux Loverval and Morlères extend, to the west, the Try d'Haies and the Chêniat. The Chêniat or wood planted as opposed to "hedges" or wild woods is an affluent residential area built between the two wars for the wealthy Carolégienne bourgeoisie tired of the city. Several villas are the work of the Belgian modernist architect, Marcel Leborgne. Here are found the Frog and the Water Lilies, the Chinese Pagoda, the villa of the composer Gaston Monseu and above all, at the corner of the main road, the manor of Chéniat, summer residence of the artist, writer and architect, Marcel Depelsenaire. It is also here that the Walloon humanist Elie Baussart lived.

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On foot

Length of route 6km

Walk duration 2h

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