A city with a charm all its own

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One of the youngest cities in Belgium, surprisingly quirky Charleroi is easy to get attached to. The Town Hall and Belfry alone are worth a visit, apart from the many other must-see treasures, such as the Art Nouveau and Art Deco houses, street art and industrial landscapes.
Unmistakably unclassifiable and offbeat, the city has become a new trendy destination teeming with activities.

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    At the heart of the Charleroi underground

    Monumental frescoes, graffiti, tags, impressive installations, ... the city centre has become a real open-air museum, with lots of stunning photo locations to choose from.

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    Industrial towpath walking tour

    The RAVel network of greenways features a parade of metal monsters guiding your progress every step of the way. Art can be seen on the walls farther on: frescoes created by graffiti artists serve to embellish this industrial heritage.

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    Architectural beauty

    A mix of swung lines and sgraffiti, Art Nouveau is revealed in the very heart of Charleroi. The Maison Dorée (Golden House), Maison Lafleur (Lafleur House) and Maison des Médecins (Doctors' House) are shining examples of the architectural style of the period.

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    Inter-war buildings

    A reflection of the creative spirit of the architects of the time, these edifices are an invitation to enter into a contemplative mood. Art Deco and Modernism revealed to those who take the time to discover their secrets.

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    A military fortress transformed into a major metropolis

    Visitors exploring the various streets will discover the city through the places that have helped to make Charleroi what it is today, a cosmopolitan metropolis. An immersion in the heart of the city's history!

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    A transformed district

    The original site of the village of Charnoy is now alive with narrow streets and bustling squares. The ideal location for exploring the shops and taking a break on the Sambre quayside.

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    Hidden facades

    Stained glass windows, painted or sculpted decorations, balconies or window frames, ... all these architectural details are often hidden or located high up on Charleroi's facades. Skyward marvels to be discovered on a family outing!

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