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Urban and cultural activities

Urban and cultural activities

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From 48,50€/pers. without meals/on the basis of 10 people/for 3 activities


Must-visit museums, city walking tours to discover the city, street art, up-and-coming neighbourhoods, a treasure hunt and lunch in a trendy restaurant... A great way to enjoy a pleasant time among colleagues! With a guide or your smartphone, choose the cultural visit(s) that suits you best! And end the day with a tasting session at a microbrewery!

The Programme

  1. Guided museum tour

    Guided museum tour

    A museum and natural complex, the UNESCO-listed Bois du Cazier tells the story of the industrial era and also houses the collection of the Glass Museum. The Photographic Museum, Europe's largest museum of its kind, is located in a former Carmelite establishment. The BPS22, the Art Museum of Hainaut Province, hosts contemporary exhibitions.

    2 or 3 hours
  2. Historical city tour

    Historical city tour

    Enjoy a guided tour from Place Charles II, the historical centre of Charleroi, along the streets of the city, where you will discover all the places that have played a part in making Charleroi what it is today. The Church of St. Christophe with its superb Jean Ransy mosaic, the town hall and its UNESCO-listed belfry are the highlights of this city tour.

    1h30 to 2 hours
  3. Art Nouveau / Art Deco tour

    Art Nouveau / Art Deco tour

    Discover the impressive Art Nouveau facades and outstanding residences, such as the Maison Dorée (Golden House), the Maison Lafleur and the Maison des Médecins (Doctors' House).

    1h30 to 2 hours
  4. Street art tour

    Street art tour

    The city has become something of an open-air museum in recent years. The walls of Marchienne's working-class neighbourhoods have been covered with works by street-artists to form a huge urban fresco. Temporary or permanent works, who knows? They are waiting for you to discover them!

    1h30 to 2 hours
  5. Tasting sessions at the Atelier de la Manufacture Urbaine

    Tasting sessions at the Atelier de la Manufacture Urbaine

    Welcome to LaMu, as it is called by those in the know! The Atelier brews a number of beers and roasts coffee in the traditional way, using local products.

    Showing you the various floors and activities, this tour is a unique opportunity to (re)discover age-old skills in an urban, modern and friendly setting. You will then be invited to sample an aperitif platter and a selection of 5 gins!



  • Top off your day with a meal tailored to your requirements in a budget-friendly way.
  • You may combine one night in one of our accommodation establishments with an opportunity to enjoy a second day of activities.
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