Our days out

Exploring the city in 2h-3h

You are in transit at Charleroi airport? You don't have much time? Here are some ideas for things to do in the city.

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  1. 0049 SCG 7281 020322 2022 03 02 TOTEMUSCHARLEROI

    Discover the city with the Totemus Treasure Hunt

    The freely downloadable Totemus mobile app takes you, smartphone in hand, from the upper to the lower areas of the city, amidst the comic book statues, street art, historical monuments and modern buildings. A fun outing combining treasure hunting and geocaching!
  2. 0012 SCG 1972 240921 2021 09 24 STREETARTTOUR

    A Street Art-inspired tour

    Join the Charleroi urban art discovery tour. The 5.4-km long itinerary includes no fewer than 19 urban works as shown on the discovery tour hiking trail map. To learn more about this activity, scan the QR code to display the artist's Instagram page, YouTube video or press articles.

A spot of retail therapy

Ranging from small local shops to the shopping mall, from traditional craftspersons to 2.0 shopping, from local produce outlets to specialist shops, you will find everything you need to take home the perfect souvenir as a gift or a personal treat!

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