Our days out

Getting out of your comfort zone

A chance to spend a day way beyond the beaten track. Ranging from a walking tour through an industrial landscape to the discovery of virtual reality, from an urban safari experience to an aperitif in a factory environment, anything is possible in the Charleroi region.

  1. 394 A9699

    Hiking along the must-visit Boucle Noire (Black Loop Trail)

    The Boucle Noire is a 22-km loop of the GR412. Starting from Charleroi Railway Station, the circuit passes by some particularly attractive places, such as the Marchienne and Monceau castles, the Martinet site and slagheaps and the Dampremy-La Docherie chain of slagheaps. The tour includes climbing the four slagheaps connected to each other by passages, paths and short crossings over secondary roads.
  2. 394 A0861

    Unique Charleroi Adventure experience

    The artist guide Nicolas Buissart offers an urban safari as an invitation to discover unusual, barely accessible, or even abandoned or neglected areas of the ‘Black Country’. An out-of-the ordinary visit to be approached tongue in the cheek or even with a pinch of salt!
  3. Maniak

    The Maniak climbing experience

    New in the region, Maniak Charleroi is a climbing hall entirely focused on the bouldering discipline. The room is open to children, beginners and advanced climbers alike.
  4. 394 A2612

    Another World total immersion adventure

    An invitation to experience new sensations, to immerse yourself in an entirely fabricated virtual world? A total immersion adventure, Another World features virtual reality escape rooms, where the challenge is to solve all the mysteries within 60 minutes.

An unusual fun setting

If what you' re looking for is a surprising place to enjoy a drink, then head to the Rockerill, the former 'Providence' forges, during the Apéros Industriels (industrial aperitifs) season. Highlight of Thursday evenings, the venue is now acknowledged as a real Charleroi institution.

Rockerill - Apéro Indus