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Guided tours for groups in Charleroi

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Guided tours for groups in Charleroi


Discover the various possibilities to (re)explore the Charleroi region in a group or with your class.

Upper City Tour

From Charles II Square, the historic center of Charleroi, you will be guided through the streets of the city, exploring all the places that have contributed to making Charleroi what it is today...

Lower City Tour

This route along the Sambre River will guide you along a path lined with trendy shops and unique stores, uncovering the lesser-known aspects of the city's history.

Art Nouveau - Art Deco

In the early 20th century, Charleroi was one of the wealthiest municipalities in Belgium. The industrial boom that took place allowed many industrialists to build or reside in lavish residences in the architectural style of the time: Art Nouveau.

Industrial Towpath and Street Art

The Charleroi-Marchienne metro route immerses you in an impressive industrial heritage enhanced by the world of Street Art. You will encounter landscapes reminiscent of paintings by Pierre Paulus, the advocate of the Black Country, and ephemeral works by contemporary artists.

Carolo Street Art Tour

Starting from Charleroi-South station, this route is ideal for urban art enthusiasts, from the lower city to the upper city, from artwork to artwork: murals, sculptures, urban furniture, customized electrical cabinets, and a wall for free expression...

Construction Site Visit

Charleroi is changing, and it shows! The purpose of these construction site visits is to showcase the evolution of the city, ongoing and future major projects, to local visitors and tourists alike. The public can thus better understand the construction sites and get an idea of the future redesigned neighborhoods...

Comic Strip

As we walk, we will become acquainted with the comic book heroes exhibited in the city. We will learn who their creators are or the difference between the Marcinelle and the "clear line" schools of Brussels. Finally, we will trace the history, evolution, and projects for comics in the Carolo city.

Ascent of a Slag Heap

An experience to live at least once! Climb these green hills created by man and admire, from their summit, the rolling landscape of the Pays de Charleroi.

Visit to the Urban Brewery

In the heart of Charleroi, the Urban Brewery brews artisanal, local, and quality beers. Finish the visit with a tasting!

Monceau Castle

This manor was the property of the Trazegnies, Hamal, and Gâvre families over the centuries. Explore the riches of the Castle, from the Louis XIV room to the hunting room, not forgetting the "oubliettes" and their legendary beings.

Brun Chêne Nature Reserve

Explore the environments of the quarry in search of the midwife toad and the natterjack toad. Beyond the impressive lime kilns, ponds, and reed beds, let's continue towards the arm of the Eau d'Heure and the northern quarry. Discover the panorama from the top of the viewpoint before lingering for a moment at the foot of the limestone cliffs.

Former Abbey of Soleilmont

To discover this historically rich place, you have the choice between two options: the historical tour or the storytelling tour. Two very different but equally enriching approaches that, regardless of your choice, will allow you to better understand the former Abbey of Soleilmont.

Pottery Circuit

A genuine experience awaits you in Bouffioulx, the famous village of potters specializing in the production of salt-glazed stoneware. Meet the artisans who have brought glory to this village, where you will have the opportunity to acquire a personal memento or an authentic gift.

Magritte Walk

This stroll will introduce you to the essential places that marked the youth of René Magritte.

*Tours can be adapted for the blind, visually impaired, and deaf/mute.

For groups

Between 2 and 25 people

Average length of visit : 2h


Until 95€

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