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Théâtres à Charleroi

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Théâtres à Charleroi

Practical information

  1. 6000 Charleroi, Belgium


Palais des Beaux-Arts
The 1,800-seat Palais des Beaux-Arts boasts one of the largest auditoriums in Wallonia. The utmost care has been lavished on the acoustic quality and guaranteeing the best possible comfort for the audience. The Centre hosts leading Parisian shows and welcomes international stars throughout the year. The wide-ranging programme explores all the styles: from drama to variety via classical concerts, operettas, one-man shows, opera, musical comedies, dance and concerts.
Place du Manège, 1

6000 Charleroi

+32(0)71 31 12 12


A shrine to contemporary creative activities. The art forms include theatre, dance, circus,

performances… Evenings involving "debating sessions", or opportunities for discussions with the

artistic team, and "critical sessions", or opportunities for the audience members to sharpen their

Rue de Montigny, 122

6000 Charleroi

+32(0)71 31 49 70


The Eden regional arts centre is defined as an opportunity for diversity and intermingling, a forum for expression for the whole of the Black Country. Apart from the shows in the main hall, concerts are also held in the brasserie every week.

Boulevard Jacques Bertrand 1/3

6000 Charleroi

+32(0)71 31 12 12


Le Poche Théâtre
Le Poche proposes programming open to very diverse themes - serious, hard hitting, light, humoristic or comical.
Rue du Fort, 70

6000 Charleroi

+32(0)71 31 55 79


Le Comédie Centrale
Come and see some great upand-coming humorists : actors, muscicians, singers and writers.
Rue du Grand Central, 33

6000 Charleroi

+32(0)71 30 50 30


Charleroi danse
«Charleroi danse» is turned towards contemporary creation. The management set up an open project centred on artistic work shared with choreographers and artistes from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation but also from the international scene.
Boulevard Pierre Mayence 65c

6000 Charleroi

+32 (0)71 20 56 40


Théâtre Marignan
Opened in September 2018, Cabaret 2000 has joined forces with its various cultural partners to run this legendary entertainment venue in Charleroi.

Boulevard Joseph Tirou, 53

6000 Charleroi

+32(0)71 16 19 91 (Only on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm)


La Ruche Théâtre
Now turned into a multicultural venue, this 1920 building hosts all kinds of events: theatre, concerts, cabaret, jazz, variety shows, ...

Avenue Marius Meurée, 1

6001 Marcinelle

+32(0)71 51 51 21


Enjoying a legendary status just like the city in which it is located, the Dome offers a wide range of services: shows, concerts, events, a restaurant, sports and much more besides!
2, rue des Olympiades

6000 Charleroi

+32(0)71 20 60 40


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