Sentier du Solitaire


This route, which departs from Aulne Abbey, starts quite drastically, with an ascent through woodlands. The descent to the centre of Leernes allows you to catch your breath and discover a pleasant hamlet. Its small square features a kiosk, which springs to life on the first Sunday of each July during the traditional ‘Chaudeau’ festivities. At this time, young people from the village go door to door, asking for the ingredients needed to make the ‘Tchaudia’: a soup made from milk, sugar, eggs and mastelles (small cinnamon buns). The route continues with a gentle ascent into the woods. You will stay in the woods until you return to the beginning of the route. The panorama from the ‘trou d’Aulne’ reveals the small hamlet of Hourpe and a magnificent view of the Valley of Peace, the name given to the Sambre valley by the Cistercian monks. 

Walk info

Mountain biking

Length of route 13.9km

Walk duration 1h10

Difficulty : Medium

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