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Runnin'city - Fleurus

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Runnin'city - Fleurus


Use this app to discover several hundred cities around the world while setting off on a walk or going for a run!

The ideal way to combine physical activity and sight-seeing.

Fleurus offers you 3 different routes:

Au fil des rues et des ruelles (Along the streets and alleyways): a 4.7-km long walking tour through small streets and alleys to discover old mills and historical buildings.

Napoléon 1er à Saint-Amand (Napoleon I to Saint-Amand): the 9 km route follows the French and Prussian lines in the footsteps of the Emperor.

Fleurus à travers champs (Fleurus through the fields): a 14.2 km tour to discover rural nooks and crannies, as well as various churches and chapels.

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Apple store : https://runnincity.page.link/nCHLvwfjVrms8NJ56

Google play : https://runnincity.page.link/fqop 

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