Promenade des Carmes


After departing from the kiosk, this itinerary leads you along a short trail, enabling entry into the quarries, which housed a feudal castle in times gone by. Nature has reclaimed its rightful place and nothing remains to be seen of this rich history. At the peak, a panorama reveals the landscapes of the Sambre river and the Geopark, as well as a view of the former extraction site from below. The Sainte-Anne marble sawmill, which is now a limited company. Merbes-Sprimont, was founded in 1868. It experienced extraordinary success in the early 20th century, with more than 600 workers and exports within Belgium to the zoological garden in Antwerp, the Palais de Justice and the National Bank in Brussels and the Royal Palace of Laeken, as well as around the world, such as the Imperial Palace for the Crown Prince in Tokyo or the National School of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro.

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On foot

Length of route 1.36km

Walk duration 30min

Difficulty : Easy

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