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Fauna and flora of the waters and forests

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Fauna and flora of the waters and forests


Standing still, with its wings outstretched, a magnificent white stork is ready to take flight under the curious eyes of other species in Virelles lake, such as coots, passerines, etc. Along this node way, keen photographers capture these sensuous moments. Nestled in a bend of the Eau Blanche, Lompret is delightful with its long stone houses, magnificent 18th century bridge, religious heritage, remarkable trees and of course its succulent escavèche fish dish.  


Visit Aquascope Virelles; admire the flora and fauna around the pond in Virelles; enjoy an “aube savage” sunrise boat excursion in Virelles; taste escabeche, a specialty of Chimay; drink a Chimay beer in Lompret or Virelles.



The bulb-shaped bell tower of the church of Saint-Martin in Virelles; the Virelles pond nature reserve; the Forêts du Pays de Chimay woodlands; the large bridge that crosses the Eau Blanche river; Lompret, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia. 

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