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Chimay: the princely town

Fans of old stone buildings and good restaurants will love the princely town of Chimay, which offers an authentic and poetic atmosphere. Visit the town centre and its castle, discover the Chimay Trappist beers and cheeses, get an introduction to pottery, enjoy a delicious local meal and more.

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  1. 1 Principauté de Chimay

    Principality of Chimay

    Though commonly associated with beer and cheese, Chimay offers many other attractions. Lose yourself in the maze of the little old streets, look up to enjoy the magnificent monuments such as the collegiate church, the main square and the Fountain of Princes, to name a few. A very charming princely city.
  2. 2 Château de Chimay

    The history of Chimay Castle

    The history of the beautiful Chimay Castle, the residence of the Caraman princes and a miniature replica of Fontainebleu, is shared in the film 'Secrets of Chimay' by Stéphane Bern. The plush elegance and ambience of its five main rooms give the tour a romantic atmosphere.
  3. 3 Espace Chimay

    Chimay Experience

    Do not leave Chimay without visiting Espace Chimay, with its more than 170 years of tradition, authenticity and know-how. The 'Chimay Experience' is a permanent interactive exhibition that allows you to discover the secrets of the history and production of the Trappist beers and cheeses.
  4. 4 latelier d Isa

    Isa’s pottery workshop

    Discover the really cosy atelier d’Isa and its ceramic creations in the heart of Chimay. You can take part in a workshop, under the enthusiastic tutelage of Isabelle Saintes. Plus, if you fancy it, you can spend the night at its charming guest house, which is located just above the workshop.


Amazing culinary creations, an authentic setting and an inspired chef! Ferme des 4 Saisons has all the ingredients for a romantic meal full of Chimay flavours.

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