Promenade des Remparts


Built on a rocky outcrop between the Eau d’Heure and the Eau d’Yves, Walcourt is a fortified town, the earliest traces of which date to the 10th century. This walk allows you to discover the old walls, little doorways, narrow streets and watchtowers, as well as the artisanal activities related to the mills. The Saint-Materne Basilica, which can be recognised by its bulb-shaped bell tower, is a magnificent Gothic monument. After passing near the Quairelles washing place, the mills of Navarre and Fiernet come into view. A cogwheel is still found behind the building. Ruelle (Alley) Frère Hugo takes its name from a goldsmith monk who was born in Walcourt during the 12th century.

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 2.5km

Walk duration 1h

Difficulty : Easy

Signage :

Services & facilities

  • Picnic area
  • Parking