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Passing through the Bois de Bruyère forest

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Passing through the Bois de Bruyère forest


The old village of Montbliart is located on a hill overlooking the surrounding woodlands and is a very pleasant starting point. Located on the outskirts of the great forest, between Val Joly Lake and the Eau d'Heure Lakes, this section will allow you to gently immerse yourself in the large wooded areas of the main loop. From Montbliart to Sautin, you follow the Ry de Fromont, a charming little river that forms a beautiful reservoir at the foot of Château Doyen, a residence built during the 19th century. There are covered barbecue areas in this leisure area. A path through the woods then takes you on the RAVeL network as far as Froidchapelle.

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Length of route 14.7km

Difficulty : Medium

Signage :