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Napoleon route: Grandrieu-Thuin

Napoleon route: Grandrieu-Thuin


On 14 June 1815, Napoleon and his troops arrived from France via Hestrud. This itinerary takes you through the main square in Beaumont, where he settled with his troops in the castle of Count Caraman, which is currently the Institute Paridaens. From the Tour à l’Amour, he observed his troops in the Hantes valley. Taste Beaumont macarons in nearby Solbreux. This recipe would have been gifted to the people of Beaumont by Napoleon’s chef. Continue on to Thuin, where you can stroll along the charming Donstiennes mill that he would have passed by, and the Maison Tchiquette in Thuillies, where the imperial troops would have hidden the imperial treasure! Taste the ‘Mandarine Napoléon’ at the Biercée de Ragnies distillery, a bold mix of cognac and macerated mandarins.

Walk info

Bicycle tourism

Length of route 33km

Walk duration 2h

Difficulty : Medium

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