This short walk, which departs from Sainte-Colombe church in Soulme, crosses a wooded area to the south of the village. A sign dating from the German occupation during World War II still hangs on the gable of a former farmhouse, which forms the corner of Rue Désiré Mathieu and the path that leads to Hamoir Mill. The walk passes close to the former Falize quarrying site, which was used to construct the village itself. There were also pastures for goats and sheep on the limestone lawns. The village, which is listed as one of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia, has retained its traditional architecture, the source of its charm. The Romanesque Sainte-Colombe church was built from limestone rubble during the 11th century and is surrounded by the cemetery walls. These are bordered by a stunning row of large chestnut trees.

Walk info

On foot

Length of route 1.7km

Walk duration 30min

Difficulty : Easy

Signage :