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A sensory cocktail from the cité notre-dame to the cité Vauban

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A sensory cocktail from the cité notre-dame to the cité Vauban


A lit path through the underground galleries of Philippeville, built by Vauban, takes you straight to the heart of the 17th century, a time when great dynasties shared Europe. Hear the melodious pealing bells of the Sainte-Materne basilica in Walcourt with its atypical bulbous bell tower that can been seen from several miles around. Along this node way, intoxicating aromas waft from our producers’ charming boutiques with their products of sumptuous texture and gourmet flavour.  


Wander through the underground tunnels of Philippeville; sample the different flavours of the pressed cheeses from Carine at the Après L’Vallée farm; drink a beer from the brewery and/or enjoy local cuisine at L’Père Sarrasin; take a ride with the donkeys from Anes & Co; explore the Sainte-Materne’s Basilica in Walcourt; make your own perfume at Oô Parfums; discover produce from the La Machine goat farm.



Place d’Armes in Philippeville; the statue of Saint-Pierre in Villers-Deux-Eglises; the Romanesque tower of the church in Daussois; the defensive walls in Walcourt.

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Length of route 37.29km

Difficulty : Medium

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