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Lord Josef & l'Helix - Short boat trips

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Lord Josef & l'Helix - Short boat trips


For a romantic or family excursion, the Lord Josef can accommodate 2 to 10 people on-board along the river Sambre. This little boat is ideal for taking original wedding photos. For a mini-cruise with friends, the Helix can accommodate 6 to 20 people and uncannily resembles the boat that featured in “The Little Bather”, hence people’s fondness for it. Some will perhaps remember this film directed by Robert Dhéry in 1967 with Louis de Funès, Pierre Dac and Michel Galabru. The Helix is 12 metres long and 3.60 metres wide and is moored at the Thuin or Lobbes harbours.


01 :00 : 7€

01 :15 : 10€

02 :00 : 17,5€

04 :00 : 25€

Opening hours

Modalities COVID-19: Face mask mandatory.

All year round. Departure by reservation only and weather permitting.

Services & facilities

  • Cafeteria
  • Coach stop
  • Parking
  • Coach park
  • Picnic table
  • Toilets